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15 Ct. individually wrapped Sachets inside a beautifully crafted box.
Perfect for an 8-10z cup of tea.

15 Count Wrapped Sachets

50 Ct. individually foil wrapped Sachets in bulk box format.
Perfect for an 8-10z cup of tea.

About our Sachets

Tea lovers will note the fullest flavors and most aromatic, vivid infusions they've ever experienced from a tea bag. Rishi Tea offers a specialized filter mesh tea sachet made from plant-based material that yields a far greater extraction ratio and infusion quality than any other tea bag. 

Paper and silky-mesh materials used in making other tea bags, are too tightly woven and act as a barrier to the tea leaves' infusion and extraction into the cup. We found a looser weave was necessary to improve the overall tea bag experience.

About PLA
Rishi tea bags are made from a plant-based material called polylactic acid (or PLA for short). PLA is an inert, DNA-free material that is produced by breaking down starches found in plant sources. Through this process, no plant DNA is left behind, making these hypoallergenic and allergen-free. PLA is NOT derived from petroleum and will not leak harmful plasticizers into your brew. 

True to our sourcing ethics and to help showcase Rishi's high quality teas and botanicals, this material is purposefully sourced to provide you and your family with the safest and most delicious cup of tea!

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