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White Teas - Rishi Tea & Botanicals

White tea is elegant and esteemed for its noble sweetness. White Tea is characterized by delicate flavors, a smooth mouthfeel and a subtly fruity, sweet finish.
Silver Needles
Reserve white tea with a sublime, sweet flavor and rich, savory finish
Item No.: OSNP250-RP
White Peony King Tea Cake
Golden nectar, oceanic, umami, sweet and soft spice
Item No.: OWMDR22200-RP
Fuding Silver Needles
Cotton candy, soft spice, abalone, oceanic, umami and wildflowers
Item No.: OSNP50-RP
White Tea Rose Melange
Floral with a fresh minty finish
Item No.: OWTRM250-RP
Wild Silver Needles
Tea rose, magnolia, nectarine, cucumber and fresh cassia
Item No.: WSN50-RP
Peach Blossom
White tea infused with juicy peach, tangerine and aromatic blossoms
Item No.: PBL250-RP
White Peony King
Creamy, sweet, umami, oceanic, floral meadow and soft spice
Item No.: OMMDW50-RP
White Peony
Pure white tea with mellow-sweet notes of fresh hay and accents of honey and nectar
Item No.: OWP250-RP
White Crescent
Savory, sweet, corn silk, caramelized baked sweet potato, floral honey
Item No.: OWC100-RP
$32.00 Out of stock
Organic Moonlight White (Yue Guang Bai)
Magnolia, jasmine, honey
Item No.: OMLW50-RP
$28.00 Out of stock